Our mission and our activity

Notre mission / activité

Our mission

Our values

Thiebaud's goal is to offer the benefits of our medical and technology expertise to the care of patients.

We continuously seek:

  • the development of high treatment efficiency
  • the reduction and prevention of patient's pain
  • the accelaration of recovery

Our vocation

We seek to meet surgeon's needs in the fields of:

  • Low invasive surgery
  • Percutaneous exploration,
  • Interventional radiology…

Our activity

Our core business

We research and develop in minimally invasive surgery and radio interventionnal.

Our industrial culture

We have complete control over each steps of the medical device manufacturing, from raw material and innovation, all the way to the market.

As such, we identify ourself as A hyperindustrial company.

Our policy

We consider every client as a partner.

Thiebaud manufactures all its products in its facilities in France.